Can Meditation Help You Fight Off Viruses?

Do you often think about how to improve your longevity, health and happiness? Meditation has been being practiced for millennia—for good reason. If meditation isn’t something you practice regularly, now is the time. Many people are in pursuit of how to live longer, reduce illness and smile more. Studies show that meditation not only can turn back the clock but can support your immune system and increase the hormones responsible for happiness.
One of the natural chemical compounds found in the body that is a collaborative companion to meditation is nitric oxide. The American Association for the Advancement of Science declared nitric oxide the “molecule of the year” in 1992. Nitric oxide’s physiological importance was officially recognized in 1998 when a Nobel Prize was awarded to three scientists who discovered that it’s a key molecule in the cardiovascular system that it helps keep blood vessels healthy and regulate blood pressure. Since then, nitric oxide has also been found essential in many other bodily systems (such as the immune system and the nervous system, including the brain) and in many chronic conditions and diseases (such as chronic inflammation, erectile dysfunction, and cancer)” (Barone, 2018).
So how does nitric acid relate to meditation and longevity? Meditation puts the body into a relaxed state, opening blood vessels, a status that naturally increases nitric acid. Researches from Ohio State University have shown that, “‘amateur’ low-elevation meditators have a colossal 213% nitric oxide boost” (Eocinstitute, 2020) after just 20 minutes of meditation—which directly correlates to longevity.
We all have a class of white blood cells in our bodies called T Cells, also strong allies for health when paired with meditation. These white blood cells are at the foundation of a strong immune system. Autoimmune disorders, viruses and infections eat away at these T Cells. “An 8 week UCLA study found that, for 50 HIV positive men, only 30-45 minutes of mindfulness meditation per day stopped the decline of CD4 T cells, dramatically slowing down and even halting the disease’s typically nasty progression” (Eocinstitute, 2020). This profound research is not to be ignored. The more you meditate, the more T Cells your body has and the better equipped your body is to fight off viruses and bacteria.
Meditation also raises serotonin levels in the body. Astonishingly, we have 86 billion cells in our brains that are impacted in some way by serotonin. Serotonin is widely distinguished as a neurotransmitter accountable for feeling good. Many prescribed antidepressants are geared towards increasing serotonin levels. Evidence shows that meditation replenishes serotonin in the brain to aid in increased happiness. Does meditation also reduce stress hormones? Yes! Meditation is a powerful solution to combat the biggest stress hormone—Cortisol. “In fact, another study by a Rutgers University doctor discovered that meditators had a nearly 50% reduction in cortisol levels!” (Eoinstitue, 2020). This means that increased happiness and reduced stress is possible simply by meditating.

Hopefully, by now you are convinced to start making meditation a part of your life. If you are ready to live your happiest and healthiest life, try listening to one of the below meditations.

Affirmations for Health, Wealth, Happiness, Abundance:

Guided Sleep Meditation Let Go of Anxiety, Fear, Worry Before Sleep:

Heal Your Body: Spoken Guided Meditation For Pain & Sickness, Relieve Pain Naturally:

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