Scott Allen

Medical Director, Affordable Ketamine Clinic

I am the medical director of Affordable Ketamine and one of the first physicians to practice psychedelic medicine in the Western United States. I started my career as a respiratory therapist, where I was introduced to breathwork and alternative medicine practices, before attending medical school. After practicing general anesthesia for several years, I felt the call to immerse myself in psychedelic medicine as an extension of my anesthesia practice. Currently, I teach medical students at Rocky Vista University. I have research interests in clinical applications of ketamine, combining it with altered states breathwork and floatation tank therapy. I have led several ketamine-assisted psychotherapy training courses.

I’m an avid outside adventurer and I have two little girls. I’m excited to be a part of the Affordable Ketamine team!

Previous Experience

- University of Utah, Assistant Professor
- Rocky Vista University, Adjunct Professor
- Mountain West Anesthesia, Partner
- Satori Health and Wellness, Founder/Medical Director
- Washington County Medical Society, President


- Weber State University, Bachelor of Science, Respiratory Therapy
- Medical College of Wisconsin, Medical Doctor
- University of Utah, Anesthesiology Residency
- University of Utah, Liver Transplantation Fellowship


- American Board of Anesthesiology Certification: 57247
- Utah License: 5324839-1205
- California License: 183744