Habits That Are Bad for Your Health

Many people striving for a healthy lifestyle are unaware of simple day-to-day lifestyle choices that negatively affect their health. Check out these common habits that are actually really bad for your health.

We aren’t covering habits that have an obvious adverse effect on health like drug or tobacco use. This article focuses on routines that you may be involved in subconsciously!
Sitting down for extended periods
Are you consciously making efforts to ensure you have good posture? Is your computer elevated to prevent looking downward? Poor posture leads to more than a “crick” in your neck. Sitting hunched forward causes spine curvature that negatively affects your nerves and airflow. If you suffer from back pain, use a lumbar support pillow. Hip pain? You can add an ergonomic hip cushion to your office chair. To help your body recover from the extended amount of time you spend sitting, make sure to stretch morning and evening and, even better, add the practice of yoga to your weekly habits.

Frequently eating on the go
How often are you grabbing lunch on the fly versus packing a meal to take to work? Choosing to pack a lunch increases the likelihood that you will eat a nutritious meal. We previously provided an article highlighting the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet, so check that out if you’re wondering how your eating habits affect your mood!

Forgetting to eat
The damage that you’re causing your body by eating fast food may be just as bad as what you do when you don’t eat! A study from the National Library of Medicine found that skipping breakfast is linked to an increased risk of depression and stress that may result in suicidal ideation. Are you giving your body the nutrients it needs to power through the day?

Not protecting your eyes
That’s right, not protecting your eyes is bad for your health! Consider investing in a pair of blue light-blocking glasses if you are someone who spends a lot of time staring at a phone or computer screen. Keep sunglasses with you, so you’re not squinting while you’re outside. Buy an extra pair to keep in your car. If you are over 40 and use reading glasses, it is worth the extra cost to invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses so that you can read and protect your eyes outdoors or in the car. Straining your eyes leads to migraines, nausea, fatigue, and blurry vision. Have you been feeling the harmful effects of extended computer light in your eyes?

Skipping out on your sleep
This may seem like an obvious bad habit, but it is important nonetheless! Without a good night’s rest, you simply aren’t able to perform at one hundred percent. Fatigue leaves you groggy and in a bad mood. Your sleep is much more important than staying up to finish the project day after day. If you find that there are never enough hours in a day to complete everything that you need to get done, then consider some delegation or just saying no to nonpriority drains on your time! Your body is depending on you, and you are depending on your body.

Has this article brought to light some negative behavioral patterns in your current lifestyle? Here at Affordable Ketamine Clinic, we offer more than Ketamine depression infusions and pain infusions because we know that it takes individualized treatment plans for living a healthy lifestyle. Alongside infusions we offer therapy, yoga, meditation, healthy eating coaching, and more! If you’d like to create an overall healthier lifestyle, but don’t have the motivation or energy to do so, you may find that a series of Ketamine treatments resets your brain and psyche to allow you to begin life afresh and anew.

What can the Ketamine Clinic help you with to ensure you start living a healthier lifestyle?
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