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Many patients living with treatment-resistant chronic pain, depression, PTSD, and other mood disorders, are seeking hope after trying typical medical pathways. We work intently with individuals to achieve astonishing results in a short period of time through ketamine infusions and oral ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, in a calm, safe and inviting environment. For those individuals that would like a richer wellness experience in addition to stand-alone ketamine sessions, we provide help in goal setting, treatment planning, and post session meditation training.

Emily Bullock

Psy.D., CYP-500
Clinical Psychologist Practice Founder & Owner

As a Utah based clinical and wellness expert, I founded Great Salt Lake Medical to help individuals facing the real challenge of managing mental illness and mental health conditions every day. I specialize in treating complex trauma for individuals at Great Salt Lake Wellness, Inc. I am passionate about assisting individuals through the change process, to help them better understand the problems and difficulties of their unique condition, while holistically approaching their wellness through goals and treatment plans. It is my mission to affirm individual differences, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic background and unique cultural experiences. As a mother and a proud United States Air Force Veteran, I have a special affinity for the health and wellness of our Nation’s military families, many of which are struggling to receive the mental health treatment they need post-service. As a behavioral health clinical psychologist trained in integrated psychedelic medicine, I specialize in treating complex trauma and am able to assist many service members, through their healing process.

It is both my personal and professional vision to continue offering affordable ketamine therapy to the general public, alongside ongoing mind-body connection education and services for a more peaceful mental and physical foundation to not only manage, but thrive in life.

– Dr. Emily Bullock

Corbin Allred

Medical Director

Alli Bascom


Lisa Marin

Office Manager

Gordon Mills

Nurse Practitioner


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Scott Allen

Consultant, Affordable Ketamine Clinic